37. Tomato Ketchup

We had a glut of tomatoes this week.  I love tomatoes so it is unusual that I would ever have enough left over to make ketchup but mum-in-law brought us some of her crop too so, yippee, ketchup it was.

I used a Jamie Oliver recipe from ‘Jamie at Home’.  For copyright reasons, I can’t reproduce the recipe but you can  find it online at the Food Network.

It took much longer than I expected but the results, surprisingly, yielded 2 makes.

Here are the steps:

1. All ingredients cooked together in a large pan:

2. Whiz cooked ingredients in a liquidiser:

3. Sieve (Jamie says to sieve twice but I’d already spent much longer than I expected to on this so only sieved it once)

4. Boil and simmer then pour into sterilised jars:

And here is where the second make comes in.  After the juice was sieved out the remaining vegetables looked too good to waste so, as I was planning on making meatballs anyway, I mixed it all up with some minced steak, an egg and some fresh breadcrumbs.  They were delicious and made enough meatballs for 2 meals.