53. Decorated Coat Hanger

This make has been languishing at the bottom of my makes basket for a year.  I picked it up many times and then always decided to wait until I got some Mod Podge.  As some very dear people gave me some, I was able to try it out.  It’s great and I think there will be a lot more makes with it in the year to come.

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This make starts with an old wooden coat hanger and some recycled tissue paper that was way too beautiful to throw away.

I cut the shape of the hanger out of the tissue paper, leaving some extra paper to fold over the top and bottom.  I cut notches to fit it around the bends.

Then I glued it down with Mod Podge and repeated the procedure for the other side.

Once the paper was all stuck down and dry, I cut out some words and stuck them on too. Then I covered the whole lot with another layer of Mod Podge.

(Thank you  Kelly Rae Roberts for the inspiration).

26. Decorated Bird House

Half Way!

This is post 26 so I’m half way to my goal of making something new every week for a year.

You would think by this time I would be confident of always finding a make for the week, but no. I have a panic every Monday thinking, ‘What on earth can I make this week?’ Yet every week something comes to me.  This week I had the panic as I was tidying up some bits and pieces – and then I had this week’s idea.  I had already started to paint an old bird house and it wasn’t working out too well.  Here is the picture:

I had picked it up to clear away along with a magazine..and that is when inspiration struck. I’ll decorate it with paper!  And that is when I get that familiar buzzy, want to get on and do it now feeling and know I’ve got something for this week’s make.

So, as I said, I started with a rather weather beaten old birdhouse that I’d tried to paint.  The paint just soaked into the old dry wood so I decided to collage it.

I cut up pieces of a flowery calendar and stuck them to the birdhouse by applying a generous amount of PVA glue to both the house and the paper. I then painted over the whole thing with more PVA and gave it a coating of spray matt varnish.

And here it is:

I think it may need another coat of varnish before I put it outside.