20. Renewing Some Old Chairs

Several batches of Elderflower Cordial made since last week’s post so not much time for any other makes. However, I have managed to renew some old chairs so I think I’ll make them post number 20.

These chairs have been languishing in our shed and badly needed some tlc.  We bought them in the mid 1980s from Habitat and despite having had their legs chewed by a couple of enthusiastic puppies they are still sound – apart from needing to be recovered.

I started by using an allen key to take the seats off the frames.

The next step was to remove the staples that held the old covers in place.

I started to do this using a screwdriver but then husband intervened (as usually happens when I produce a screwdriver – a terrifying prospect for an avid do-it-yourselfer). He produced a special ‘get staples out of wood’ tool which was much more efficient at the job.

Next step was to cut the fabric that I chose for the covers.  Once again another piece from my stash – this blog has been a wonderful way to reduce the mountain of fabric that has been growing in our spare room!

I used a piece of bright turquoise, thick cotton fabric – about gabardine weight.  I placed the seats upside down on the fabric and cut out the shape allowing enough to wrap over the top and fix to the underside.

I then wrapped the fabric over the seat and folded it at the corners like I was wrapping a present and stapled it in place remembering to leave the holes where the bolts fitted exposed.

Once I’d stapled around the whole seat, I re-attached it to the frame and had a new looking chair. I really must paint over the chew marks!

16. Chair Cushion

My kitchen chair cushions are showing their age and are due for replacement.  I had a look at some in a shop but they weren’t quite the right fabric or price so I decided to have a go at making my own.

The first step was to decide what size I wanted to make the cushions and then find some foam for the filling.

I bought just one piece to start with and will go back for more if it turns out well.

36 cm x 36 cm x 4cm

Next job was to find some fabric.  I raided my stash and found a piece of curtain fabric that looked like it would fit the bill.

I cut it double and slightly larger than the piece of foam, folded it in half, right sides together and machine stitched it along both sides.

I then pressed the side seams open and turned the cover right side out.

It was a tight fit, which is what I wanted.

I then sewed the open edge closed, folding the fabric in as if I was wrapping a present.

The next job will be to get some self cover buttons.  I did find some in my stash but they are too small for the thickness of the fabric and the size of the cushion.

I’ll post another picture when I manage to find some of the right size and have finished the cushion.