Stitching It All Together

I just listened to a podcast about the Missouri Star Quilt Company

If you are thinking of starting something new for 2019, I urge you to listen and find out about how the Missouri Star Quilt Company started and grew into one of the biggest quilting supplies company in the US.

Click the play button on this link to listen


More Makes for 2012

I’ve had so much fun making something new every week in 2011 that I’ve decided to keep going.  I’m not promising something completely new every week but neither will any make be exactly the same as any that have gone before.  I hope you’ll continue reading, commenting and experimenting along with me.

49. Christmas Gift Tags

This week’s make is super fast and a great way to keep the kids busy in the days running up to Christmas.

We’ve done this for as long as I remember in our house and it’s a great way to use old Christmas cards.

Cut up the fronts from old cards into gift size shapes, punch a hole in the corner and add a ribbon or as I’ve done here a piece of rafia.

32. This week’s make will be for the Riot Raffle

The inspirational Zoe Grant is putting together a huge raffle of handcrafted items, the proceeds from which will be used to help small independent retailers who had their shops and stock trashed or stolen in the UK riots last week. You can read more about the raffle here. Or follow on twitter @riotraffle.

I plan to offer a handpieced and handsewn quilt that I started a while ago at our Sew, Knit and Natter group.  It is nearing completion and I will be working furiously to finish it this week as we need to get pictures to Zoe by Friday.

I’ve found a few other blogs mentioning that they are donating items : –

The Other Mousie

Bookworm Eats Flower

Sierra Lima November

I will definitely be buying some tickets and will post a link when the site is ready.

31. Keyboard Cufflinks

I’ve tried to make things out of recycled computer bits in the past, some successful, some less so. This time I’m making Ctrl/Alt cufflinks from computer keys.

First of all prise the keys off an old keyboard.

I’m not sure if all keys are made in the same way but the ones I’ve used have a little peg that sits proud from the back of the key.  I found husband’s hacksaw and took the peg down to the same level as the edge of the key.

I used the same cufflink findings that I used in the post on personalised cufflinks and just glued the keys to the cufflink bases. (I think it might be best to use a glue gun for this but mine is on vacation at daughter’s house – I used regular all purpose Bostick).

P.S. 2 days later – thought the glue would be set enough by now.. definitely needs the glue gun.  Daughter, if you are reading and finished with it, can you bring it back please?

Art in Action – Volunteers needed

This request came to me via Craft Club:

An exciting opportunity has come to volunteer your knitting and crochet skills at a fantastic event!

Art in Action will take place on the 21st – 24th July, 2011, and we are looking for volunteers for each of the 4 days to come and teach others how to knit and crochet.  Art in Action was inspired by the simple principle that people are fascinated when artists and craftsmen openly demonstrate their skills, and discuss their work. Don’t miss out on this experience!
You can find out more by visiting the Art in Action website at .

Art in Action will take place on Thursday 21st July – Sunday 24th July, inclusive
Venue: Waterperry House, Waterperry, Near Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1JZ
Time: 10- 5.30pm daily

Please note that our volunteers will not need a ticket to enter the show.
If you are interested, please get in touch with the Craft Club team as soon as possible at .

21. Polystyrene Aeroplane

It is half term here this week so here is something that will keep the little ones amused.  The little one in our house, helped me make his new aeroplane and then his nanny and he played with it happily for over an hour.

The only things you’ll need are a pen, a pair of scissors,a piece of blutack or a paperclip and one of these polystyrene pizza bases:

Click this link for a downloadable pattern: Aeroplane from polystyrene

Cut out the pattern and place it on the pizza base. Draw round it with a pen.  You can make a mark for the wing slit by drawing over the line heavily.

Cut out the pieces and cut the slit for the wings. Push the wing through the slit. Add a piece of blutack or the paperclip to the nose to make a weight – a necessity according to those who know about these things.

The little one here decided that his needed a name and a face.  I didn’t have a lot of time to think about how I was going to add these (as you can see) – he was so desperate to play with it!