My name is Pat.  I live in Buckinghamshire about 20 miles west of London in a busy, four generation household. We are a house of makers as one generation influences the next.  I’ve been making things for as long as I remember from Blue Peter pencil holders to king size patchwork quilts.  I am passionate about keeping skills alive and with this in mind, set up a craft group in our local library where young and old meet to make and chat.

If you would like to contact me directly please add a comment to any of the posts.  (Still figuring out how to add a contact form to this blog!)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Pat, knowing that you love making bags as much as I do … I bought you a book! As if we need any more bag patterns. These are patched on to batting – seems interesting. Hope that you are all ok and having a lovely summer. (bag total: 3 for now made with my crohet hook!)
    Marie x

    • Thank you, Marie…that is so very kind of you. I’ve had a bit of a lull from making over the last week or so as I have become an Olympiholic. I’ll definitely need a project after the closing ceremony. Can’t wait to see your bags!

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