Super Cute Skirts for a Toddler Girl – guest post by Crafty Roo!

My little boy and I had a toddler party to attend this weekend for a friend.  She is turning two, and like last year, I decided to make her some clothes.  I didn’t have as much time this year (goodness knows why not) so didn’t have time to make anything as complex as the ruffled top I made last year.  So, simple skirts it was.

I found a pattern on the internet I liked and made it up.  My toddler was safely in bed. Mistake.  I tried it on him the next day and it was like a long pencil skirt.  Something wrong happened, I think in the measuring.  He didn’t like it as he couldn’t climb.

Anyway, I found another pattern – – and quickly emailed my friend for her little girl’s measurements.

Here’s what you do – take the waist measurement and DOUBLE it.  This will give you a nice full skirt.  Then, take the waist to knee measurement and add a couple of inches for hems and waistband.

You should then have a rectangle of fabric.

Now, I went a bit wrong here in the making up, but the original instructions should be easy to follow.

My little boy was happily eating his snack as I was making these up – and he does love the sewing machine (phew) – and he can eat a lot so I managed to run up all three in snack time.  Just about.  These fit much better – a perfect size for a two year old.  I made the fleece one a bit biggger as it is August here and thankfully we don’t have much call for fleece but we will in a few months time.

ImageBeautiful, right??? (takes a bow, gets gold medal chocolate from bread bin).

These are really really simple – even when I went wrong I was able to rectify it quickly and you would never tell from the looking at it.