40. A Fabric Banner

Our regular craft group met last week at Burnham Wellness Day.  We had a great turnout and lots of people stopped by our tables to see what we were making and have a chat.

One of the regulars asked me if I would help her to make a banner for a table top sale that she will be holding on behalf of our library.  She had been thinking that she would like me to paint the wording but the rest of the group thought that fabric would be better.  So, I brought it home and it has turned into this week’s make.

Esther gave me a tab top curtain to use as the banner.  I cut the letters out in paper first and then used these as patterns to cut out the fabric.

I pinned the fabric letters to the banner

I started to machine them on with zig zag stitch but found that the banner was so big the letters were falling off as I manoeuvered the fabric through the machine.  So, I tacked the letters in place before stitching.

And here is the finished banner:

Some of the letters are a bit wonky but I’m sure Esther won’t mind.

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