39. Repaired Tom’s Shoes

Tom’s Shoes

I was very lucky to receive a pair of Tom’s Shoes as a present a few years ago.  I love them.  They are super comfortable, warm in winter (in the house) and cool in summer. On top of all that Tom’s shoes donates a pair of shoes to a shoeless child for every pair sold. What pair of shoes can beat that?

Unfortunately, I am very hard on shoes and this pair eventually wore through at the toes.  I had already had a go at darning the worn bits, you might be able to see on this on the left shoe above.  They needed something more durable so I decided to look for something more lasting.

I used some pieces of ribbon in contrasting colours. and sewed them at an angle on top of the shoes.  It was a little tricky near the soles – it helped to use a curved upholstery needle.

Good for another few miles!