38. Fabric Bow

My post about fabric covered buttons has been so popular I decided that I would make a fabric bow for this week’s make. These bows can be used for lots of things.  They could be attached to:

  • an elastic hair tie
  • an alice band
  • the top of a flat shoe
  • a bag
  • a hair clip

and I’m sure there are many more uses.

Decide what size bow you would like and cut your fabric into two pieces. (An even simpler version can be made by using felt.  You could even get away with no sewing and just use a glue gun for a felt one).

One piece will make up the main part of the bow and one piece will wrap around the bow to finish it off.

For the main part of the bow cut a rectangle twice as wide and twice as long as you want the bow. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together.  Sew along one short side and the long side about a centimetre from the raw edge.

Turn it right side out.

For the wrap part of the bow, cut another rectangle.  This time much narrower.

The one above is a bit too long.

Again, sew along one short side and the long side and turn the tube right side out.

Fold the raw edges in on the open short ends and sew closed.  Like this:

Press both pieces.

Fold the sides of the larger piece in towards the middle so that they overlap by about 2 centimetres.

Using a double thread, sew a length of running stitches from top to bottom so that that it is held together

Pull the stitches tight so the fabric is gathered and fasten off tightly.

Then wrap the smaller piece around the middle and sew to fasten in place.

And there you go..ready to add to whatever you want.