32. This week’s make will be for the Riot Raffle

The inspirational Zoe Grant is putting together a huge raffle of handcrafted items, the proceeds from which will be used to help small independent retailers who had their shops and stock trashed or stolen in the UK riots last week. You can read more about the raffle here. Or follow on twitter @riotraffle.

I plan to offer a handpieced and handsewn quilt that I started a while ago at our Sew, Knit and Natter group.  It is nearing completion and I will be working furiously to finish it this week as we need to get pictures to Zoe by Friday.

I’ve found a few other blogs mentioning that they are donating items : –

The Other Mousie

Bookworm Eats Flower

Sierra Lima November

I will definitely be buying some tickets and will post a link when the site is ready.