30. How to Cover Buttons With Fabric

Using self cover buttons can be a bit daunting if you’ve never done it but they really are very easy to make.  Not only do they look great on clothing but they can also be used to decorate bags, cushions even shoes. Here are some I made today. For these I used 4 19mm plastic self cover buttons. I’ve only ever used metal ones before so using plastic was new to me. The buttons come in two pieces and usually have a template on the card they come on that you can use as a pattern for the fabric you use. (If you are recycling old buttons and don’t have a pattern then just cut a circle about twice the diameter of the button. Undo the buttons from the card and cut out the template. Choose your fabric and place the template carefully so that the button will have the piece of fabric you want on the top.  For my buttons I used a scrap of vintage, 1980’s Laura Ashley fabric.

Cut out as many circles of fabric as you have buttons.

Sew a running stitch around the circumference of the circles leaving an end of thread at the beginning and end. (Use one length of thread for each circle as you will need to gather them.)

Now pull both ends of the thread to gather the fabric up into a cover for the button.

Place the top of the button into the fabric, pull the threads and knot them tight.

Snip the thread.

Snap the back of the button onto the piece you’ve just covered.

And hey presto!

4 beautiful self covered buttons.

My Folksy shop stock is sadly depleted so I think I’ll put these on there and see what happens.