29. Easy painting tool

I really wasn’t sure what to entitle this post – I’ve no idea what to call this make.

The best way to describe it is as great way for little hands to get painting.

I’ve always wondered what to do with old roll on deodorant containers and this week I had inspiration.  I had just come to the end of a Sanex Roll On and decided to see if I could make it into something.  I took it apart and washed it out.

Then filled the base with paint and water, mixed it up and put the container back together again.

The paint can then be rolled very easily onto paper.  Hopefully it won’t dry up either and we can use it again and again.  I will buy a different variety of the same deodorant next time and then we can make a collection that can be used for different coloured paints.

I imagine that it could also be used for glue.