27. Bowl made out of plastic bags

Our household loves to recycle and keeping stuff out of landfill occupies a lot of our energy. This week’s make recycles 2 different plastic items.

I save the plastic tops from milk and juice containers for a local charity. Up until now I’ve had a dish in the corner of my worktop that I throw them into after washing.  Yesterday, I needed to use the dish for something else so my collection of bottle tops was without a container.

I decided to make something to put them in using plastic carrier bags.  Those who know me will know that I’ve used this technique before when I made a shopping bag.  It was the source of much hilarity that I cut up carrier bags to make a carrier bag!

So this make is a bowl made out of 3 thin plastic bags.

First cut off the handles and the bottom bit where the seam is.

Start at the top and cut a thin strip about 1 inch/2.5 cm wide in a spiral until you have a long length of plastic that you can use like a length of yarn.

I used a 15mm crochet hook and made a circle (I won’t go into how to crochet as there are many, many videos on youtube that show how much better than I can explain here).

The picture above is one bag’s worth of yarn.

When the bowl was the diameter that I wanted – this took 2 carrier bags – I stopped increasing and started to make the sides which used up the third bag.

And here it is:

Some good news is that one of my lovely daughters (the master bag maker) has promised to do a guest make for this blog.  If anyone else would like to showcase a make please let me know!