26. Decorated Bird House

Half Way!

This is post 26 so I’m half way to my goal of making something new every week for a year.

You would think by this time I would be confident of always finding a make for the week, but no. I have a panic every Monday thinking, ‘What on earth can I make this week?’ Yet every week something comes to me.  This week I had the panic as I was tidying up some bits and pieces – and then I had this week’s idea.  I had already started to paint an old bird house and it wasn’t working out too well.  Here is the picture:

I had picked it up to clear away along with a magazine..and that is when inspiration struck. I’ll decorate it with paper!  And that is when I get that familiar buzzy, want to get on and do it now feeling and know I’ve got something for this week’s make.

So, as I said, I started with a rather weather beaten old birdhouse that I’d tried to paint.  The paint just soaked into the old dry wood so I decided to collage it.

I cut up pieces of a flowery calendar and stuck them to the birdhouse by applying a generous amount of PVA glue to both the house and the paper. I then painted over the whole thing with more PVA and gave it a coating of spray matt varnish.

And here it is:

I think it may need another coat of varnish before I put it outside.