17. Sun Dried Tomatoes

A complete change of category for this post.  I’ve always thought I would have a go at making sun dried tomatoes as they are one of my favourite foods but until now have never attempted it.

I saw a recipe in one of daughter, Sarah’s recipe books and realised that these could be a very easy make.  The recipe in the book suggested drying the tomatoes in a 50-60 °C oven. I’m not sure if my gas oven will go that low but I found the ideal place.  We have an old conservatory on our house that is freezing in winter and very hot in summer. When the sun shines directly on to it the temperature inside easily reaches 50 °C.

The first thing to do is halve the tomatoes.  I seldom weigh ingredients but the recipe suggested 500g.  I just took all the tomatoes I had out of the fridge.  Place them on a baking tray cut side up and sprinkle with salt, pepper, olive oil and a herb of your choice.  (I found a surplus of thyme in my cupboard when I made my spice bleachers so that’s what I’ve used.)

After they’ve been in the heat for about 7 hours (oops, should have put them in first thing this morning and not midday!) the recipe says to transfer to a kilner jar and cover with olive oil and sliced garlic.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Day 2:

I really wish I’d thought to make these at the beginning of this week when the weather was very sunny. Today was a bit cloudy so although the tomatoes are progressing nicely, I think I’ll leave them another day before jarring.

Here is how they looked the next day:

I think they are now ready to put in the kilner jar with some sliced garlic and olive oil: