16. Chair Cushion

My kitchen chair cushions are showing their age and are due for replacement.  I had a look at some in a shop but they weren’t quite the right fabric or price so I decided to have a go at making my own.

The first step was to decide what size I wanted to make the cushions and then find some foam for the filling.

I bought just one piece to start with and will go back for more if it turns out well.

36 cm x 36 cm x 4cm

Next job was to find some fabric.  I raided my stash and found a piece of curtain fabric that looked like it would fit the bill.

I cut it double and slightly larger than the piece of foam, folded it in half, right sides together and machine stitched it along both sides.

I then pressed the side seams open and turned the cover right side out.

It was a tight fit, which is what I wanted.

I then sewed the open edge closed, folding the fabric in as if I was wrapping a present.

The next job will be to get some self cover buttons.  I did find some in my stash but they are too small for the thickness of the fabric and the size of the cushion.

I’ll post another picture when I manage to find some of the right size and have finished the cushion.