12. Necklace made from fabric and polystyrene balls

I know this is another necklace, hot on the heels of make 10, the ruffle necklace. but I just had to put it in as it is so very easy, so dramatic looking and would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

You will need-

About 10 x 3 cm polystyrene balls – available in craft shops.

A piece of fabric.  1.75 to 2m long and 12cm wide.   I used a silk like remnant – it is a bit like the kind of fabric you might use for a neck tie.

Needle and thread.

First fold the fabric right sides together length wise.  Then sew a seam down the length of the fabric about 1cm in from the raw edge.

Press the seam open and turn the fabric the right way out.

Fold the fabric tube in half and note where the halfway point is with a pin. Slip one of the polystyrene balls into the tube of fabric.

When it gets halfway down the tube, remove the pin and tie a knot in the fabric close to either side of it.  Continue to add balls and knots to either side of the first ball until you’ve used up all the balls.

Sew the openings of the tube closed with small, neat stitches and that’s it – done.

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