9. Brush, Pen and Pencil Roll

This week’s make is super easy and very useful.  I use mine to keep different types of pens, pencils, scissors and other arty supplies together so that I can grab it and go when inspiration strikes.  It would be equally good for make up brushes.

By far the easiest fabric to use is the type that doesn’t need hemming -something that doesn’t fray.  I’ve used faux suede -I found some in The Fabric Warehouse in Cowley, they also have an Ebay shop.

Once again, you can make one of these rolls whatever size suits. So, decide what you want to keep in the roll and that will determine the size of fabric you will need. The piece I’m using is  a remnant: 52cm x  40cm.

I’ve used pinking shears to cut a zig zag edge on all 4 sides.

Fold one long edge up by just under a third and stitch each side together (mine is folded up 12cm).  You will be able to see the stitches when the roll is finished so feel free to make a feature of them and use a contrasting colour of thread.

Once you have the 2 sides sewn decide how wide you would like each pocket to be and sew some more vertical seams from the bottom fold of fabric to the top of the flap.

Secure the the ends of each vertical seam.

Fit the longest item that you will be storing into the roll.

Fold the edge of the fabric down to check that it will cover the tops of your pens, pencils or brushes.  It doesn’t have to meet the other flap.

Fold the ribbon in half.

Attach where the ribbon folds to the outside of the roll about where the top of  the bottom flap is on the inside.

Fill the roll with whatever you are going to store, roll it up and tie the ribbon in a bow.

You could also use a strong cotton, maybe something like gabardine but you would probably need to factor in hemming the raw edges and making it with the side seams on the inside.

This make would be a great Mother’s Day (April 3rd in the UK) gift for an arty mum or one who likes to keep her make-up brushes clean and tidy.

On another topic, I’ve had a lot of feedback from readers saying how much they love the origami earrings (Make 3). If you would like to buy them, I’ve added them to my folksy shop.

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