8. Gift Tag Made from a Napkin

That sounds a bit unlikely doesn’t it?  I have a bundle of odds and ends of paper napkins.  You know the kind that you might buy for a birthday or barbeque, use most of the packet but find there are always one or two left over that never get used again.  So I was looking for something to do with them.

Apart from the napkin, here is what else you will need:

Piece of card, pick a colour that will go well with your chosen napkin

PVA glue

Small brush for applying the glue




Hole punch

Hole reinforcers – but I didn’t have any to hand today.

First cut out the card into the shape you would like to make your gift tag.

Check how many layers your napkin has and peel off the top layer – the one with the design. Place the piece of card under the design and draw around the edge of the card with a pencil.

Using the brush, paint a thin layer of glue onto one side of the card.  Make sure the glue goes right to the edges.

Place the cut out napkin piece onto the glue. Press down gently from the middle outwards, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles.  Be careful as it is quite delicate – too much pressing can tear it.

Turn the tag over and cut any excess napkin off from the edges so that it is flush with the card.  While the tag is right side down, put a small pencil mark where you would like the hole to be.

Place the tag under a heavy book and wait for it to dry.  Once dry, punch a hole on the mark with the hole punch and place a reinforcer (if you have them- do they even sell them anymore?) on each side of the tag. Thread a piece of ribbon, string or rafia through the hole and it is ready to use:

While I was looking for a piece of ribbon, I came across some plain white cardboard tags that I bought from the Post Office a while ago and used one to make this tag with one of the other odd napkins I had:

I’m pleased with how these have turned out – the napkins are so fine that they look like the design has been painted on to the tags.  I will probably make more to keep in my wrapping paper box.

It would also be a good technique for making cards or bookmarks.

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  1. You buy nice napkins Pat! Mine are plain white or red (for Christmas!) I really must get out more….. The end result looks really lovely. Well done!

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