An Ultimate To Do List

I don’t know if this applies to many people but I always seem to have lots of different lists on the go.  Some of them don’t even make it onto paper.  Daughter S passed on her copy of Real Simple magazine which featured the Ultimate To Do list that I will be transferring all my lists on to. I’m sure it will help me be more organised – I’ll let you know.

You can get a copy here

3 thoughts on “An Ultimate To Do List

  1. Hi Pat
    Thanks for sharing the list. I like the distinctions it makes. I’ve been experimenting recently with an idea for my daily To Do list. I can’t remeber where I picked this up sorry. The idea is so simple: “if you can’t fit it onto a yellow sticky, you can’t fit it into your day!” So far I have found 2 great benefits; it takes 30 seconds to write my daily list (it used to take much longer); and I feel great about achieving most of what’s on there (I used to feel depressed at the end of each day by how much was still to do). I feel much more focused and productive. I may be deluding myself but it is a much healthier delusion than my old one:)! Lx

    • I like it as it is making me be specific about stuff that floats around in my mind and is then forgotten. Particularly for me, Exhibitions. I often see the posters and think, ‘oh, I’d like to see that’ only remembering when it is no longer on. I like your yellow sticky idea and will give that a go too. Maybe there is a way of amalgamating the two ideas. xxx

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