2. Personalised Cufflinks

Right – on to ‘make’ 2.  This time I’m going to have a go at making some personalised cufflinks.  Here is what you need:

These are going to be for son’s girlfriend’s brother who is besotted with his new dog.

The cufflink blanks and cabochons are 12mm diameter.  The challenge so far has been getting a clear photograph, sized correctly so that Biggie’s head fits into 12mm. The cabochons magnify the photograph as well so be sure to take that into account. (Remember to print off 2 photographs).  I have printed the photographs onto card rather than photographic paper as I think the glue might be kinder to card.

Place the cabochon over the top of the photograph and draw around it with a sharp pencil.  Cut out carefully with sharp scissors or a craft knife.

Attach photographs to cabochons with a thin layer of PVA glue.

Once these are dry attach the photos to the cufflink blanks with all purpose strong adhesive.

Taaaa  Raaaa…a much easier make than the first.

If you would like to make some of these yourself please see my folksy shop for the components.  Some ideas for personalisation could be a piece of map showing a meaningful place; pause and play symbols, sports related pictures, children’s drawings.  The list is endless.

An alternative make  to the cufflinks is a bracelet like the one below.  You could have matching jewellery!

3 thoughts on “2. Personalised Cufflinks

  1. So where is the challenge in that?? I personally think you should do something more challenging for the rest of the week. eg. how about making a model of Buckingham Palace out of papier mache? Now that would make me laugh reading your blog on that! How much glue would you need for that? Ha ha xx

    • Ahhh…they look easy but more challenging than you think. I don’t think I’d make a model of Buckingham Palace out of papier mache in a million years. I’ve gone right off papier mache. You made me laugh though..thank you. : )

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