Making Something New Every Week

It took me a while but I finally decided on Thursday 13th January what my creative project for 2011 was to be.  I’d been thinking about a blog since I met with my inspiring friends, Rachael and Lorraine just before Christmas.  The idea finally came during the second week of January.

It is (listen for the drum roll), to Make Something New Every Week.  I will add pictures and some instructions so that you can join in too.  Will I be able to find 52 different things to make? Will I be able to explain how I make them?

Who knows?  If I have pressed the right buttons there should be a box on the right of the screen where, you can sign up and follow my progress.


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  1. Lorraine replied:

    Woo Hoo! I can’t wait to see what you’ll create. So, any rules? Do all 52 things have to be different?i.e only one brooch, one mini book, etc? Do the things have to be useful/beautiful? Will you use different materials/methods/etc? Truly inspiring idea Pat! Enjoy, L xxx

    • madebypin replied:

      Rules, Lorraine? I must admit it wasn’t my first thought. Has anyone got any ideas on what the rules should be? I’ve been thinking that choosing to include photographs as I make the things is going to keep me scrupulous. No, digging stuff out of my box of made things! What rules do you think will be most inspiring to read about? xxx

  2. sarah replied:

    the excitement builds…

  3. Penny replied:

    Don’t bother about rules – just enjoy it! x

  4. sarah replied:

    I am also one for not following the rules – make it up as you go along. so much easier.

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