Hello and welcome to I’m a wife, mom, granny and maker.  I started this blog in 2011 in order to complete my huge pile of UFPs (Unfinished Projects).  I finished many of them but also started a lot and the pile hasn’t really diminished. Join me and follow my progress or get in touch with the stories about your own UFPs.

Stitching It All Together

I just listened to a podcast about the Missouri Star Quilt Company

If you are thinking of starting something new for 2019, I urge you to listen and find out about how the Missouri Star Quilt Company started and grew into one of the biggest quilting supplies company in the US.

Click the play button on this link to listen


Super Cute Skirts for a Toddler Girl – guest post by Crafty Roo!

My little boy and I had a toddler party to attend this weekend for a friend.  She is turning two, and like last year, I decided to make her some clothes.  I didn’t have as much time this year (goodness knows why not) so didn’t have time to make anything as complex as the ruffled top I made last year.  So, simple skirts it was.

I found a pattern on the internet I liked and made it up.  My toddler was safely in bed. Mistake.  I tried it on him the next day and it was like a long pencil skirt.  Something wrong happened, I think in the measuring.  He didn’t like it as he couldn’t climb.

Anyway, I found another pattern – – and quickly emailed my friend for her little girl’s measurements.

Here’s what you do – take the waist measurement and DOUBLE it.  This will give you a nice full skirt.  Then, take the waist to knee measurement and add a couple of inches for hems and waistband.

You should then have a rectangle of fabric.

Now, I went a bit wrong here in the making up, but the original instructions should be easy to follow.

My little boy was happily eating his snack as I was making these up – and he does love the sewing machine (phew) – and he can eat a lot so I managed to run up all three in snack time.  Just about.  These fit much better – a perfect size for a two year old.  I made the fleece one a bit biggger as it is August here and thankfully we don’t have much call for fleece but we will in a few months time.

ImageBeautiful, right??? (takes a bow, gets gold medal chocolate from bread bin).

These are really really simple – even when I went wrong I was able to rectify it quickly and you would never tell from the looking at it.

No Fat Tea Bread – Bara Brith

My mum made this the other day – it is really delicious.

For conversion to cups please click here

350g mixed dried fruit (raisins, sultanas, dried apricot, mango, mixed peel whatever you have)

140g light muscovado sugar

300ml hot black tea

300g self raising (all purpose) flour

1 egg

Put all the mixed fruit and sugar in a mixing bowl and stir in the hot tea.

Cover and leave for 24 hours.

Next day: Heat oven to /150c/300 f/gas mark 2

Grease and line a large loaf tin with baking parchment.

Beat the egg and stir it and the flour into the fruit and tea.

Pour into tin and bake for 90 – 100 mins.  It is ready when it is well risen.(If you put a skewer into the centre it will come out clean.)

Allow to cool slightly then remove from the pan and cool on a rack.

‘Stack and Whack’ Quilt – guest post by CraftyRoo!


Crafty Roo bringing you this week’s make – a stack and whack play quilt for a baby.

I have been making quilts for some time and wanted to try a new method.  I had a birthday last week and received many crafty books, one of which was Kirstie Allsop’s Craft.  In this book, one of the first projects is a stack and whack quilt.  It looked quite easy and interested and I wanted to see if I could use this technique as opposed to cutting blocks or strips which is how I usually piece my quilts.

Anyway, the book suggested making a template. I didn’t do this and wanted to get straight on with my cutting.  I made a stack of five fabrics.  I then cut two squares through all five layers, each six inches by six inches.  Then I made four cuts into each square, giving five smaller piles of fabric for each square (10 in total).  I labelled these carefully.  Each pile of fabric was cut slighly differently, giving different shapes.

You then leave pile one as it is, take one piece the top of from pile two and put it on the bottom, take two from pile three and put it on the bottom, take three from pile four and put them on the bottom, put four from pile five on the bottom.  Do this carefully and you will end up with five unique squares. Sew these together so you end up with ten complete squares.

Lay these out so that no two of the same  fabrics are next to each other.  You will have one square left over, which you can use on the back, if you like, or to make a matching cushion.

If I was going to do it again, I would cut bigger squares to start off with.  Using only six by six squares made it very fiddly!

That is as far as I’ve got! I’ll try to update this with my next steps.

59. Another Birthday Card

It is my friend Julia’s birthday on Monday.  She loves dogs, so I thought I’d make her a personalised card.

Those of you who followed this blog in its first year will recognise the method – it is a papercut.  I drew a design in pencil then cut it out with a craft knife. I then stuck the design on to a contrasting backing paper with Spray Mount.

It would probably have been better to have drawn the design on the reverse of the paper so I didn’t have to erase the pencil marks; but being no Leonardo Da Vinci, my brain power does not stretch to mirror writing.

58. Fabric Mice

Before I start this make, I’d like to say hello to the 1st Tunstall Brownies.  Their  leaders have been in touch to say that they have managed to work out nearly the whole of next term’s programme from ‘makes’ on this blog.  Please send me pictures of how you get on and I’ll post them here.

This week’s make was just too cute for me to resist.  It is featured in this month’s ‘Mollie Makes’ magazine, which our library subscribes to.

All the instructions of how to make are in issue 11 and a pdf pattern is free to download at the magazine link above.

I had a lot of fun making these two.  They will be raffled off at our next library bake sale to raise funds.  I’m calling them ‘The Library Mice’

Here are some pictures of them. The first one before clothing and the second after they were dressed.

They were a fantastic way to use up bits of scrap fabric and wool.  You will see my first attempt at knitting something in a long, long time above too.